Pasadena League Soccer Rules

Posted by Granada FC on Aug 07 2018 at 07:56AM PDT in 2018 SUMMER SEASON

Some of us are new to the League and I want to bring up some rules and info that are helpful when starting out:

1.) There is no offside, so feel free to spread out the field and drag defenders with you then sprint back to help.
2.) 7v7 with unlimited substitutions makes it a little like bball, sub as soon as you start getting tired.
3.) All subs are done from the halfway line. Wait for a deadball in our favor so we don’t get caught off guard during a sub
4.) You can kick the ball back in instead of throwing it in from the sideline, we can treat them like corner kicks.
5.) Slide tackling isn’t allowed, if you happen to get a yellow we play with a man down for 3 minutes.
6.) Goalie can’t punt the ball (has to put the ball down first) and can’t throw the ball past the halfway line.
7.) We play two 25 min halves
8.) There can only be max 4 males on the field at a time (including goalie)

I’m attaching the doc the League provides with the rest of the rules. Still waiting on the League for the schedule, but most likely our first game is on Sunday!

The document 7v7-Soccer-Rules_2017.pdf was attached to this post.


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